One of the most delightful things about Chat 10 Looks 3 for us has been discovering the teeming world of Chatters out there and the kind things they do for each other. Humans are good! And when we get organised enough to do a live show, we like to pick a charity to support, in honour of all the kind people who support us. Here's a list of the charities we've raised money for so far. We love them not because they're big and flashy but because they've had good ideas about how to help people who tend to be forgotten. Crabb is working hard to convince Sales to support endangered small birds but so far: sorry wrens. No dice.


Adelaide Live Show August 2019

Muscular Dystrophy Association of South Australia provides support and services to people living with a neuromuscular condition. The assoiciation also supports research to find a cure and improved clinical practices.

Sydney Live Shows June 2019, June 2018 and October 2017

Story Factory is a not-for-profit creative writing centre for marginalised young people aged 7 to 17. They work with young people most at risk of low literacy. Their priority is young people from Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse and lower socio-economic backgrounds.


Hobart Live Show March 2019

Hobart Women’s Shelter provides safe emergency accommodation and support to women who are affected by family violence and those who are homeless.

Canberra Live Show December 2018

Musica Viva In Schools provides life-changing musical experiences and education to more than 900 schools and 280,000 Australian students each year, no matter the type of school, location or economic situation. (In memory of Richard Gill.)


Melbourne Live Shows November 2018 and September 2017

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is home to what Chat 10 Looks 3 calls “the bum unit”. Dr Sebastian King’s research focuses on children born with anorectal malformations. He is interested in the long-term outcomes for the affected children and the impact that poor intestinal motility has upon their quality of life.

Moral High Grounds Keep Cup October 2018

OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it directly to more than 1300 charities supporting people in need across the country.

Perth Live Show September 2018

Shooting Stars fosters education through netball. Fewer than 30% of young Aboriginal women have completed Year 12, compared with 60% of other Australian women. Shooting Stars helps to change this.

Brisbane Live Show May 2018

The Care2Achieve Scholarship is for young women transitioning out of State Care in Queensland and planning to undertake higher education studies at University or TAFE within Queensland. It provides financial, practical and personal support for these young women.

Brisbane Live Show May 2018

Second Chance Programme is a fundraising organisation that provides direct financial support to organisations that help homeless women and their children. Their aim is to get women off the streets and to help them take control of their lives.

Adelaide Live Show February 2018

Seeds of Affinity assists women transitioning from prison back into the community. They support women and their children during the difficult phase of leaving prison and re-entering the community.

Canberra Live Show December 2017

Karinya House for Mothers and Babies is a community based, grass roots, local organisation, supporting vulnerable and at risk pregnant and early parenting women in Canberra and the surrounding Region.