Chat 10 Looks 3

In which Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales talk about books, television, radio, movies, food, politics and whatever else they feel like. Even show tunes.

EP 50: Bon anniversaire: Part Un

The 50th episode! Surely not? There is plenty of clanging, including some competitive clanging over Armando Iannucci. Sales has been getting chummy with Iannucci and Bill Nighy, while Crabb has been hanging out with the world’s 50 best chefs. There is an hysterical meltdown over a list of the 2017 AFL players’ names.


EP49: She's a Squirter

So soon, but here they are again!  Crabb and Sales discuss hospital visits, the Missing Richard Simmons podcast plus new books and TV. Inadvertently Crabb’s mum, Christobel, becomes the first ever Chat 10 Looks 3 phone interview. Who is the mysterious Tony Jones look-a-like who is hanging around?


EP 48: You and Me (But Mostly Me)

Sales finds a room with a piano and invites Crabb for a sing-a-long inspired by the Book of Mormon. Crabb discusses some terrific events she saw at the 2017 Adelaide Festival. To top it off there is the important discovery that Crabb and Sales have a mutual love of the number 12.


EP 47: Jazzturbation

Summer viewing and reading has thrown up all sorts of questions for Crabb and Sales: Why are they more attached to Prince Phillip than they ever thought they would be? How can you turn shitty audio quality into a useful art form? Will they ever be able to go for a whole episode without mentioning Helen Garner? Plus should they write their own theme tune? 


EP 46: Can I interest you in a glass of champagne?

It is one week until Christmas and the year is nearly over. Grab a glass of champagne and some snacks and join Crabb and Sales a they discuss the best of 2016. (Hang on! How long is this episode!?)



Sincerely apologetic about the audio quality from the last episode, Crabb and Sales lock themselves away in a silent office to talk of recent adventures at Parliament House and how great it was to see Helen Garner featured in the New Yorker.  Although it is nice and quiet, there is plenty of clanging going on. JD Vance’s book is discussed, plus what politicians say they will be reading over summer.



(Warning: bad audio quality!) Sales takes Crabb to a new café but tells her the incorrect name of the place – mistaking the band 'Something for Kate' for the café 'Something for Jess'. The bad news is Crabb will never be able to find it again. The good news is there’s something for everyone in this episode, from American politics to raspberry mousse. (*with apologies from the bumbling Sales to the lovely people at 'Something for Jess')

Ep 43: Bury a liver under the roots

Defiantly avoiding the Melbourne Cup, Crabb and Sales hide themselves away to discuss recent developments in the US Election. Sales is proud to announce that she has had great success growing sweetpeas. New podcasts plus a couple of recent books written by colleagues are discussed. Crabb is horrified to learn Sales' theory that contacts who stick around for many years may well be undercover operatives.


EP 42: The Glancing Torchlight Across the Arse of the Tuna

Even though it has not rained for days, Crabb still manages to get drenched by passing traffic – very ‘sitcom’ don’t you think? Detailed discussion ensues on a range of topics: new TV shows, perfect roast potatoes, glorious salads, women in law, ‘The Boss’ and whether you can ever look at too many piles of rice and fish without getting to eat them.  Does Crabb stop this recording just as Sales is launching into a song!?


EP 41: Pussy Riot

Crabb and Sales analyse the 2nd US presidential debate, then briefly ponder why there is a Pokemon on Sales' desk. Discussion switches to unsympathetic main characters, Ben Mendelsohn's chin, a couple of new podcasts and the value of political satire.